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For nearly 5 years Gwent Darts Organisation has managed the highest level of our sport in the region. We have had over 50 international players including 5 of the current squad, former world no 1’s and leading professionals. Our competitions and superleague connects with every league and player in the region.


Our Purpose is to provide a simple, friendly structure where all players in Gwent can play darts at a higher level than local league in the way that suits them.

Hall Of Fame

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History Of Gwent Darts Organisation

TWO major stepping stones in the growing popularity of darts were the introduction of the British Inter Counties League and the home internationals games in 1976 and 1975 respectively.

So when Ken Shallish, Roy Fox, Doug Rendle, Allan Plant and Cyril Pearce formed the Gwent darts organisation in 1975 little did they realise what they had started.

Now, some 47 years later, Gwent can boast an enviable record of producing players, including ladies and youth, who have gone on to become world class performers and represent the Red Dragon principality in the home internationals.

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