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Gwent "We'll Be Back"

Sussex vs Gwent

Gwent went into the match this weekend with the knowledge that they were to be relegated this season. With the pressure off, the team had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The ladies B started the weekend with a 3-3 draw. Mel Williams with the best result for Gwent with a 1-3 win and a 15.50 average. Youngster Abbie Brewster showed her potential despite losing 3-2 with a fantastic 17.11 average.

The Men's B, who finish the season 3rd in the B league standings, raced away winning the first 6 games dropping only 8 legs of the 32 they played. Sussex were on the back foot. Andy Miller who was first up for Gwent in only his second game of the season having had a 5 year break from the county stage started the Gwent fight. From then on Gwent looked to be in control. Sussex fought back and came close a few times but double trouble made the difference and Gwent finished the day with the men's B 4-8 winners.

Overall score after the B squad matches was Sussex 7 - 11 Gwent.

Day 2 saw the ladies A squads take to the stage first.

Gwent ladies A, despite having a strong team, didn't have a win on the board prior to this weekend. All that was about to change. Shannon Chappell up first raced to a 3 nil win swiftly followed by Tracey Hickey who took it to a 5th leg decider before coming away as Gwents Lady of the Match with a 17.94 average. Ceri Stephens and Natalie Pyatt took the next 2 points before Sussex staged an attempted comeback winning the final 2 points for the Ladies game.

Overall score after the ladies A, Sussex 9 - 15 Gwent.

The afternoon saw Gwent men struggle to start as the ladies did, dropping the first 4 games. Gwent needed 4 points for an overall win and the way Sussex started it looked as if it was not going to be on the cards. Up stepped Ray Hardwick to stop the Sussex stampede. Stephen Cake returning after some time away from the county stage followed suit. Captain Nick Kenny leading by example took man of the match with a 28.51 average to move Gwent to 18 points. 1 more point and Gwent would win. Youngster Ieuan 'Penfold' Halsall faced pal Lewis Gurney who was on fire hitting a 28.06 average to deny him the point Gwent needed. With 4 games to go Gwent were on the edge of their seats with fingers crossed and no nails left!

Dan Morris took on Sussex's Rod Hawkins and despite struggling to find his pitch at times and admitting that it wasn't his best performance, took the point for Gwent and a win for the weekend. Gwent were on 19 points. The celebrations would have to wait though. The remaining 3 games saw 3 of Gwent's top men, Welsh international Matthew Kay, Nathan Treadgold and the legend that is Peter Johns, cementing the victory by taking the remaining points.

Overall score, Sussex 14 - Gwent 22.

Gwent may be relegated to division 1, but they stamped their mark on the upcoming season. They have announced their intention and will be back in the championship soon.

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